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Volcanic Earth - Natural Skin care

When it comes to skin care,
Volcanic Earth manufactures only the best natural skin care products which are proven effective.
Volcanic Earth natural skin care products focus on anti aging, troublesome skin disorders based on the incredible moisturising and skin healing properties of pure Coconut Oil, Tamanu Oil, Volcanic Ash.

The original pure Tamanu Oil   DME processed Coconut Oil   Volcanic Ash from the most active volcano world-wide.
Our pure authentic ingredients are delivered to the cosmetics industry, aesthetic dermatology clinics, Wellness industry and veterinary clinics.
In addition, we developed a complete body and facial skin care based on the mentioned basic ingredients.
Vrij van Transportkosten binnen Nederland !
Sample offer

Tamanu Olie 15ml

Tamanu Olie 50ml

Tamanu Olie 100ml

Tamanu Olie 1000ml


Pure Kokos Olie

Coconut Oil

Kokosolie - 50ml

coconutoil 200ml

Kokosolie - 200ml

Facial Cleanser met Tamanu

Facial Toner met Tamanu

Facial Moisturiser

Nacht Crème met Tamanu

Gezicht Exfoliant met Tamanu

Gezicht Klei Masker

Hand Scrub Frangipani, Volcanic Ash

Hand Moisturiser Frangipani

Voeten Scrub Pepermunt Puimsteen

Voeten crème met Pepermunt

+1 Gratis

Handgemaakte Zeep met Kokos Olie

+1 Gratis

Handgemaakte Zeep met Tamanu Olie

Handgemaakte Zeep met Tamanu, Volcanic Ash

+1 Gratis

Handgemaakte Zeep Vulkanische As

Handgemaakte Voet Scrub met Vulkanische As

+1 Gratis

Handgemaakte Zeep met Frangipani

Anti-rimpel oogcrème

Frangipani Hand Scrub - 1 Liter

Frangipani Hand Crème - 1 Liter

Pepermunt Voet Scrub - 1 Liter

Pepermunt Voet Crème - 1 Liter

Facial Clay Mask - 1 Liter

Facial Exfoliant - 1 Liter

Facial Cleanser - 1 Liter

Facial Toner - 1 Liter

Facial Moisturiser - 1 Liter

Shave Foam

Barbers Cleanser & Shave Foam

Facial Scrub

Barbers Facial Scrub

Facial Mask

Barbers Facial Mask

Facial Moisturiser

Barbers Facial Moisturiser


Barbers Aftershave Splash