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Beard Grooming Tips:
How to Maintain an Awesome-Looking Beard and or mustache.

Beard grooming has never been so easy: These eight beard grooming tricks will keep your facial hair looking resplendent.

Use a few drops of #tamanuoil and massage into your beard and skin. You notice how quick the oil absorbs into your skin. Make sure that you do not cover it into oil before bed time.
Make sure the oils gets absorbed. The skin will recover and you will notice that you will only need a few drops daily. If your skin does not need to recover that much you can use Coconut Oil.
Your skin will become softer with our special DME processed Coconut Oil.
Just make sure you cover enough and do not forget your Beard and or mustache.
Very important to cover them as well.

Coconut Oil is also perfect to style your beard. It gives it just a humpf of shine.
#coconutoil but only DME processed exclusive available at
Caring for your beard.
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