Barbers Aftershave Splash

Volcanic Earth
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Splash Barbers Aftershave onto your skin - even after shaving. As the special ingredients like Tamanu Oil and Bay West Essential Oil is specially designed to calm your skin and preventt irritated skin. 100% alcohol free !


Aftershave Splash is a naturally scented, spicy and sexy aftershave alcohol free-lotion. Soothes, nourishes, and moisturises the skin; stimulates cell regeneration and helps maintain clean, healthy skin as well as aides in the recovery of irritations that may be caused by shaving. Refreshes your skin, evens out skin tone plus you smell great.
Especially designed for Barbers.

Volcanic Earth Barber Skin Care Range has a sexy spicy odour.
The health benefits of the essential oils are its anti-neuralgic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic properties.
Supports with breakouts and razor burns on your skin.

Barbers Aftershave Splash is an alcohol free naturally scented, spicy and masculine aftershave lotion.
Aftershave Splash, with a woody spicy scent, supports in recovery of irritations caused by shaving.
• Soothe your face post shave to prevent irritated skin, bumps, and alleviate redness.
• Anti-inflammatory.
• Perfect after shaving
• Perfect when you just want to smell great.
• No sticky feeling. Just splash it on to your skin.

Aftershave is perfectly use after shaving.
Due to the special compounds and especially the sensitive skin among us you can easily splash it onto your skin after shaving.
Our Aftershave Splash is alcohol free and used authentic ingredients from nature that is used for centuries. Your skin is and feels clean, pores are closed, and you are left with an even skin tone, and provide relief from general skin irritation and razor burn.

But why closing the pores ?
The reason why you want to have your pores closed up post shaving is to prevent any sort of dirt or bacteria from making its way back in.

So use our Aftershave Splash after shaving, or if you just want to smell nice during the day.
What basic ingredients are used can be read on the page "more'.

Tamanu Oil

For superficial skin problems such as redness, minor wounds, rashes. Tamanu Oil works so well for skin problems and seems to be good for the healing of wounds.
One of the components is calophyllolide, what appears to be anti-inflammatory.
Other elements of the oil appears to work antibacterial. The oil is also rich in oil and linolenic acids, which moisturize and soften skin, but does not make your skin oily. Many active ingredients are found in pure Tamanu Oil that explain why Tamanu Oil
works so well for skin problems and seems to be good for the healing of wounds.

Coconut Oil

There are so much more benefits using the pure Coconut Oil – all given by nature.
Volcanic Earth pure Coconut Oil supports the prevention of premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. Volcanic Earth pure Coconut Oil supports to protect skin blemishes. Some people use coconut oil to prevent acne. Oil use in acne may not seem so wise. Generally clog oil products with clear pores. But coconut oil has two major advantages that make it a good remedy for skin. Coconut oil has an antibacterial effect. As it contains coconut oil, lauric and capric. As soon as the coconut oil comes in contact with skin, these substances change in monocaprin and monolaurin. These substances recover the protective skin layer, instead of remove or damage the skin. Optimal protection for the skin.

Bay West

Bay West Indies Essential Oil is used in many hair tonics, aftershaves, beard Oil,  due to his sexy spicy odor. Barbers love it. West Indies bay oil is frequently used in cosmetics. Supports against razor burns and breakouts on skin. Unlike other plant oils, Bay oil is also considered an analgesic in aromatherapy, and helps in relieving muscle and joint pain and neuralgia. It is added to hair products like shampoos and for hair loss treatment. Supports to treat dandruff and oily or flaky scalp, give your hair and skin a vibrant shine.


Pharmaceutical Grade

Main ingredient: 100% Tamanu Oil
100% Bay West Indies Essential Oil
Content: 125ml Aftershave Splash (Volcanic Earth)
Skin Type:

• Very gentle, suitable for all skin types
• from normal, oily, dry to very sensitive skin

Suitable for: