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Belcastro & Bellissima Beauty Institute Belgium

Beauty Institute

Belcastro & Bellissima in Belgium:
3 lovely girls share their passion. They offer the best caring solutions for you:
√ General Treatments
√ Facial Treatments
√ Epilation and modeling of eyebrows
√ Hair Removal
√ Make-up
√ Manicure
√ Pedicure
√ Permanent Make-up
√ Final hair removal VPL
√ Final hair removal blend
√ Skin rejuvenation VPL skin Improvement
√ Tanning

They offer the best skin care products, beauty products, latest fashion.
Few of their brands are:
#VolcanicEarth, #PierAugé, #Clephar, #Pupa, #IsaDora, #Fabbrows, #AcqueDiItalia

Just take a look - you will be amazed !

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Skin rejuvenation VPL skin Improvement 


Skin Care
Mask, Moisturiser, Facial Skin Care, General Treatments


Belcastro Bellissima