Facial Moisturiser - 1 Liter

Volcanic Earth
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Facial Moisturiser is the final step in proper care for your skin.
Volcanic Earth Facial Moisturiser contains special compound ingredients including Tamanu Oil™, Coconut Oil.
It prevent and trat dry skin, protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone, texture and gives your skin a glowing, healty, smooth, blemish-free appearance.

Volcanic Earth Moisturiser - able to restore the barrier function of the skin, less change to have skin problems.
Think for instance of irritation of the skin, rosacea or eczema. Through the combination of active ingredients soothes a troubled skin (known as anti-inflammatory agents), lets a dull skin shine and looks smoother again.

Do not forget that regular use of a moisturizer (preferably in combination with our Volcanic Earth line) can slow the signs of aging!

A Dry skin needs a moisturiser.
If the skin is very dry, it is sometimes necessary to bring a moisturizer several times a day.

Usage Volcanic Earth Moisturiser :
• Apply a small amount on the skin with upward strokes
• Avoid eye contact
• Use in the morning and night after our Volcanic Earth Facial Cleanser and Volcanic Earth Facial Toner
• Use more times a day if you have a very dry skin


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