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If you suffer from a troublesome skin condition or know someone who does, then you have stumbled upon a unique product that just may be worth giving a try.
Sufficient scientific studies have been done in Europe, Japan and the U.S which puts Tamanu Oil in the super-oil category. This oil has the unique ability to promote the formation of new skin tissue and it possesses
anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic, antibiotic and antioxidant properties.

We often receive the question: 

► What is Tamanu Oil™ ? "Or"
► What is the effect of Tamanu Oil™ for the skin ?

Tamanu Oil™ not only gives your skin and hair a glossy effect, the oil makes your skin healthy again.
1 Drop Tamanu Oil™ is sufficient for daily use.

Tamanu Oil™ is an incredible oil! Thousands of years ago the natives of the pacific saw a big tree growing near the ocean. They soon found that the nuts contained a special oil, they used the oil to protect their skin from the hot sun, humidity and sea breeze.

There is a very small stock Tamanu Oil™ in the world because it can be obtained only in such a small area. No less than 100 kilograms (the full harvest of one tree per year) Tamanu fruit needed to make just 5 kilo grams of Tamanu oil found nuts.

Tamanu Oil™ is the most effective, natural skin healing oil in the world for external use. Tamanu Oil™ is produced from fruits (nuts) of Tamanu trees.
The oil is 100% natural, chemical-free and 0% artificial additives.
Tamanu Oil™ has been proven effective  when it is undiluted.
Tamanu Oil™ does NOT make your skin oily.
It actually make your skin a bit more dry and is effective on scarring and small wounds.

Tamanu oil is more than just an oil :
   √ Rash
   √ UV Protection
   √ Mosquitoes Bites
   √ Scars
   √ Anti-aging
   √ Anti-viral
   √ Anti-bacterial
   √ Skin Conditions
   √ Muscles
   √ Anti-Inflammatory

Pharmaceutical PET-bottle, ROPP28.

5 liter

Buy 1 liter:
If you would like to buy 1 liter go to Tamanu Oil 1 Liter

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