Hand-Made Soap with Coconut Oil

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Fair-Trade Hand-Made Soap with 100% pure coconut oil.


Fair-Trade Hand-Made Soap with 100% pure coconut oil.
Coconut oil is a great way to keep your hair and skin soft, radiant and healthy. A delight pleasure in the shower.
- Content: 50 gram

Coconut oil and Eczema

Most people with eczema suffer from dry skin.
The result is that the skin itself does not produce enough oil so that easy damage and infection occur.

As a result, the likelihood of a bacterial infection on the skin increases considerably.
Coconut oil makes a barrier to the skin so that an infection does not occur that quickly.

Besides that, coconut oil keeps the skin moist and goes against outbreaks because of the protective components.

In fact, coconut oil not only works for eczema, but also in various other skin disorders.

Finally, coconut oil is also very good to use after a shower.
When you know you have eczema the skin is extremely dry after showering.
This is because most types of soap lower the oil present on the skin.
When we apply coconut oil after showering the protective layer of the skin is replenished.

Antique soap made from coconutoil with the addition of pure coconut pulp.
The process: Coconutoil is heated and mixed with dissolved ash until the oil is completely dissolved. After purification takes place there is an addition of the unique ingredient coconut pulp.

Most of us do not realise that bath and body coconut oil soaps are made from copra oil and not Virgin Coconut Oil. Even those soaps that aren't are contaminated with chemicals and solvents used to mass produce these soaps. Copra oil has little if any real skin care benefits and the same goes for mass-produced soaps.

Copra is busted up coconut shells with the flesh still inside. Sadly, these are usually thrown into old sugar bags and the like and left to accumulate mildew and mold until such time as the they are put threw a press or otherwise treated. This is usually weeks later and by then the copra oil that is produced has no aroma and has lost virtually all of the goodness that true Virgin Coconut Oil is known for.

Not so with Volcanic Earth. Our handmade soaps are made from high grade Virgin Coconut Oil cold pressed within 1 - 3 hours of cracking open the coconut (referrred to as the DME or Direct Micro Expelling method). As a result, each batch of oil is virgin, rich in antioxidants and chemical-free. Our VolcanicEarth premium Virgin Coconut Oil comes only from fresh, mature coconuts and these factors contribute to the reason why our Virgin Coconut Oil is some of the best coconut oil on the planet.

Real Hand-Made Soap. Coconut Soaps and Coconut Oil exfoliating Body Scrubs
are all made using our beautiful Virgin Coconut Oil and real volcanic ash or pumice.

Soap is believed to have been discovered thousands of years ago after cooking fat dripped into fire ash resulting in a chemical reaction that created soap.  Since this time, soap has basically been made exactly the same way but using either caustic soda or potash dissolved in water and animal fat or oil.

Volcanic Earth’s Natural Soaps are made to this age old recipe, however animal fat has been replaced with our beautiful virgin coconut Oil, and other amazing Oils, the skin healing Tamanu Oil and olive oil. Soap making (referred to as "saponification) takes place when caustic soda, which has been dissolved in water, acts upon fats in the oil. Because of the combinations of our high quality virgin coconut oil, the resultant soaps are packed full of glycerine (with normal soaps the glycerine is taken out to make Glycerine). This high level of glycerine renders our soaps softer, lathery, creamier, gentler and super moisturizing for the skin.

When selecting your bath and body products or coconut oil soap, just be aware that these are CHEMICAL-FREE and are gorgeous hand-milled coconut soaps - All natural with no artificial flavouring or chemical preservatives. Our products are never tested on animals. For even more great bath and body products check out our full range of natural skin care products.

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