Hand Moisturiser Frangipani (Bodylotion)

Volcanic Earth
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Scar cream and moisturiser for our hands and feet.


Hand Moisturiser is a skin care cream and the best moisturiser for your hands and feet.
Why? The active ingredient Frangipani and coconut oil provide a softer skin and leaves behind
a subtle fragrance of the Frangipani flower on your skin.
- Content: 135 ml

Particularly suitable for dry hands and feet
Maintains the natural moisture in your hands and feet
Soft skin with a subtle fragrance Frangipani
Suitable for men and women in all ages

We also offer larger quantities:
• 135ml | 1000ml | larger volume
Email us for 1 litre or larger quantities

What is Frangipani all about ?

Frangipani Essential Oil is an exotic essential oil and most powerful flower.

It's also arguably the most popular flower in the world and is certainly a "jewel of the South Pacific". Plumeria is one of the most exotic of all fauna and flora with invigorating scents that are known to affect the way people feel. There is nothing quite like the sweet fragrance of Plumeria in flower to uplift your spirit ... It's no wonder more and more people (Melanesians) continue to use the Frangipani plant extensively for decorative, skin care and medicinal purposes to this day.

The Frangipani flower comes in a vast range of stunning colors with a wonderful, intoxicating fragrance. Colors range from white, pink, yellow, multiple pastels to deep red. Some variates produce smaller flowers than others. Flowering lasts up to three months at a time. Cut blooms last for several days in water. The Frangipani flower has a strong, delicious perfume which is even more prominent in the late afternoon, evenings and at night.

Frangipani trees prefer dry, sandy soil in full sun. They don't like the cold and are deciduous (although in tropical climates  they may remain evergreen throughout). Plumeria is an extremely durable plant and only authentic plants give the power of this special flower. There are over 100 different varieties of Plumeria.

Frangipanis grow as high as 10 metres in tropical regions whereas in milder climates, their growth is restricted to shrubs or small trees. These plants have thick succulent branches, spaced well apart with long leather, fleshy leaves in clusters near the branch tips.

Effect of Frangipani:
The peace and power of this exotic flower [Plumeria] is exceptional.
The pure oil is exotic and very powerful.
√ Cleans intensively, softens and moisturizes the skin
√ Promotes healing, and supports the preservation of the natural balance of the skin
√ Stimulates circulation
√ Take the stress out of PMT, menopause, muscle tension and cramps
√ Protecting against harmful elements
√ AND all without preservatives, chemicals or artificial colors!

Beautiful Volcanic Earth™ product range with pure Frangipani Oil.
Enjoy the fantastic feeling of our beautiful Volcanic Earth™ product range with pure Frangipani Oil.

Volcanic Earth™ skin care routine: rinsing with water is sometimes not enough to clean the skin.
Volcanic Earth™ skin care line:

• Volcanic Earth Facial Cleanser  
• Volcanic Earth Facial Toner  
• Volcanic Earth Facial Exfoliant  
• Volcanic Earth Facial Clay Mask 
• Volcanic Earth Facial Moisturiser 
• Volcanic Earth Facial Night Cream 
• Volcanic Earth Eye Cream
• Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil 
• Volcanic Earth Coconut Oil
• Barbers Skin Care (unisex) 
• Volcanic Earth Hand Scrub Frangipani
• Volcanic Earth Hand Cream Frangipani
• Volcanic Earth Foot Scrub Peppermint
• Volcanic Earth Foot Cream Peppermint


Pharmaceutical Grade

Hoofd ingredient: 100% Frangipani Oil
Inhoud: 135ml Hand Moisturiser Frangipani (Volcanic Earth)
Huid Type: • normale • droge • vette • gecombineerde huid
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