Essential oil, essential oil or fragrance oil, is extracted from many parts of certain plants -
from flowers, from leaves, from roots. Many oils are called wonder oils because they are healthy - for example, for the skin.

• LAVENDAL Essential Oil
• PEPPERMINT Essential Oil
• ROSEMARY Essential Oil
• CLOVE BUD Essential Oil
• FRANGIPANI Essential Oil
• BAY WEST INDIES Essential Oil
• CAPE ROSE Essential Oil

 ► Never use essential oils purely on the skin without expert advice.
Note for sensitive, allergic skin: dilute one drop and apply the mixture to the inside of the elbow crease.
Essential oils can be applied to the skin after dilution in a base oil, distilled water or neutral cream.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, Never use essential oils pure on the skin without expert advice.
Avoid use on infants.
Not for internal use.
The amount depends on what one uses it for or mixes it.
A few drops will suffice.

Lavender Essential Oil