We have gone a long way finding good skin care ingredients. Looking for ingredients from nature that are proven effective.
The main ingredients come from islands in Oceania.


We work with 3 base ingredients:

√ 100% pure Tamanu-Oil
√ 100% pure Coconut Oil
√ 100% Vulkanic ash in our scrub

Sample offer

Tamanu Oil 15ml

Tamanu Oil™ reduce skin problems, naturally.

Tamanu Oil 50ml

Tamanu Oil™ for common skin conditions with proven results !

Tamanu Oil 100ml

Tamanu Oil™ is 100% natural, guaranteed paraben free.

Tamanu Oil 1000ml

Tamanu Oil™ for specialized  formula development.

Facial Clay Mask with Ash

Cleans our skin thoroughly !

Facial Exfoliant with Tamanu

Effective natural facial Exfoliant.

Facial Cleanser with Tamanu

Effective facial cleanser for acne, sensitive skin

Facial Toner with Tamanu

Re-balance the PH of our skin with Tamanu Oil.

Facial Moisturiser

Less moisture will disappear from our skin.

Night Cream with Tamanu

Natural night cream increase skin elasticity.

Foot Scrub Peppermint Pumice

This foot scrub is more than a simple scrub

Feet Cream with Peppermint (Bodylotion)

Effective for irritated feet.

Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream

Fair-Trade, Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream with Tamanu Oil™

Skin Care Gift Set XL-B

Gift Set Skin Care XL-W

Barbers Hair Tincture

Volcanic Earth Hair Tincture, with a woody spicy scent, supports in recovery of irritations on the scalp. Helps the scalp maintain healthy hair growth as it delivers the needed nutrients for growth and healthy maintenance, promotes healthy hair follicles.

Barbers Facial Scrub

Barbers Facial Scrub with real volcanic ash. Together with the original Tamanu Oil perfect use during the shaving routine routine. Perfect to prevent clogged pores, remove blackheads and exfoliate the skin. Healthy soft skin.

Barbers Facial Mask

Barbers Facial Mask with real volcanic ash. Barbers Facial mask full of natural ingredients that not only provide radiant skin. Our clay mask concept comes from the old Egyptians.

Barbers Facial Moisturiser

Barbers Facial Moisturiser contains the original Tamanu Oil and is the last step in your daily skin care routine, beside the aftershave splash. Prevent dry skin and can be used several times a day when your skin is extreme dry. Special developed to support the skin from sun damage.

Barbers Aftershave Splash

Splash Barbers Aftershave onto your skin - even after shaving. As the special ingredients like Tamanu Oil and Bay West Essential Oil is specially designed to calm your skin and preventt irritated skin. 100% alcohol free !