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Volcanic Earth's natural skincare products are grown, collected and formulated with authentic ingredients from an exceptional land located in the South Pacific. The plants are grown biologically in this very fertile volcanic soil, free of pollution, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or other insecticides.

Interview ProEsthetic:

Tamanu oil is one of the pure and authentic ingredients and pure most effective. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are effective in eczema, acne (scars), lesions, diaper rash, mosquito bites, but also to relieve muscle and protect against UV. A few drops of this oil is sufficient for daily care.

Volcanic Earth scrubs is developed with a special active ingredient: volcanic ash from one of the most active volcano, which is collected in a particular way; the territorial rights of indigenous populations is still applied.

Thanks to their exceptional composition, Volcanic Earth products are suitable for all skin types and all ingredients are subject to strict quality control, tested by GC / MS.

Do you want to create your exclusive products based on these exceptional ingredients?

Volcanic Earth is ready to support.

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