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- Vegan friendly
- Cruelty-Free
- Parabene-Free
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Volcanic Earth™ – Europe | Why is Volcanic Earth™ different form any other brands ? Each business is unique.
We focus on authentic ingredients, sourced from nature, which are proven effective from centuries.
We belief that we are all “connected” to the earth’s energy.....the stronger the connection,
the stronger and healthier we become. Why not with ingredients from nature.
Volcanic Earth™ uses formulas according to age-old traditions, we offer a unique range of natural skin care products from Tamanu Oil,
Coconutoil to products that is used by both man and women. 
Volcanic Earth ™ Europe products is so much more than a beauty product.
Volcanic Earth ™ Europe not only offers natural skin care and body care products,™
but also support clinics, pharmacies, wellness resorts, beauty salons, barbershops to provide them with these unique basic ingredients. They can develop their own unique products for facials, body and beauty treatments.
The Basic ingredients can be perfectly applied directly to our skin and hair.

Volcanic Earth™ is a manufacturer, retailer, exporter of natural skin care products and traditional Melanesian skin treatments made mainly from local inputs. We support the villagers to make money for basic needs such as school fee's, health care, transport, food and more. This all exist if you buy one of our products.

Tamanu nuts for example are still picked by hand. The Tamanu nuts collected throughout a whole network of villages are usually delivered to a central location or collected directly from each village. These nuts have fallen from the tree naturally (won't work if you try to pick them off the tree as they won't produce the oil) . 
The quality of the oil is extremely high as the Tamanu Nuts come mainly from Tamanu Trees that grow by the shoreline and not inland or from some man-made artificial plantation. The trees grow in their natural habitat and suffer no harm.

For us, Tamanu Oil is a perfect product because of the following:
1.       It possesses unique skin healing and other properties
2.       It is a completely 100% naturally organic product
3.       No damage is done to the trees or the surrounding environment
4.       It produces social and economic benefits to indigenous communities disadvantaged by remoteness and lack of infrastructure
5.       It offers safe solutions to suffers of many common skin conditions
6.       The Tamanu Tree only grows in tropical environments on islands in the pacific
7.       It can be used pure or as a base ingredient in skin and hair care formulations

As mentioned, Tamanu Oil is produced from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree. Its scientific name is Calophyllum Inophyllum – an evergreen tree and a member of the Mangosteen Family. This tree is actually indigenous to the tropical areas of South East Asia but it especially flourishes in tropical countries. 
Tamanu Oil is used topically, and supports the growth of newer skin and leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer. It soothes, repairs, and diminishes redness, scars, stretch marks, irritation, itchiness, dryness, and peeling. It works to reduce age spots, stretch marks, cellulite, and dryness. 
Tamanu Oil can also be used in our hair and is great on the hair scalp, barbers love it. Tamanu Oil supports stronger, longer, and healthier hair growth, hydrates, brings back the natural hair sheen, supports to soothe inflammation and eliminate fungal infections on the scalp. 

Each ingredient we use are selected by care and tested on long term.

Volcanic Earth™ offers natural skin care products with zero chemicals, synthetic colourings, artificial preservatives. 
Try and find out if your skin can benefit from pure Tamanu-Oil, Coconut-Oil, Volcanic Ash.
You can even use it when you have a perfect skin, as Tamanu-Oil is a very good hydrated skin care solution.

Few ingredients we work with are:

Few Basic ingredients

Tamanu Fruit

It seems that every now and than some new beauty care product or miracle oil hits the market and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. Tea Tree Oil, Argan Oil, Bio Oil. Such is the case with Tamanu Oil as well, but there is one major difference. If you suffer from a troublesome skin condition or know someone who does, then you have stumbled upon a unique product that just may be worth giving a try. But also in this case the quality of the process is important together with the origin of the Tamanu-Nut. But how can you tell, it remains difficult as most of the oils are diluted or not the original Tamanu Oil. In China they do not grow original.

Tamanu Oil is also famous for fighting more specific skin problems (acne, psoriaisis, eczema etc). We want to focus on how Tamanu Oil can help when you have sensitive or aging skin or with stretch marks or burns such as a chemical burn or perhaps you have been left with radiation burns following cancer treatment.




Volcanic Earth™ pure Coconut Oil. Most consumers think all coconut oil is the same but this is far from the truth.
A significant amount of coconut oil sold on the market today as Virgin Coconut Oil is not virgin at all. Most of it is made commercially with the application of harsh solvents and chemical. In addition, it is usually what we would call Copra Oil, devoid of virtually any goodness that true Virgin Coconut Oil is known for. The resulting oil is called RBD coconut oil in the industry. 
RBD stands for refined, bleached, and deodorized. It is usually hydrogenated oil. It remains difficult to see as producers will not share everything. Our Coconut Oil is produced using the DME Method or the Direct Micro Expelling Method. As each batch of mature coconuts are cracked, the coconut flesh is then grated, the water content is removed under controlled drying and then our Premium Coconut Oil™ is cold-pressed - all within 1-3 hours. The end result is a beautiful Coconut Oil full of antioxidants and the natural coconut aroma.



Volcanic Ash provides you with a wide range of beauty and health benefits due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and general purification, cleansing and exfoliating qualities.

What Is It with Volcanic Ash?

Sulfur is the active Mineral ingredient in volcanic ash. Sulfur not only supports your body to resist bacteria but it actively supports to destroy it. Sulfur exists in your haemoglobin and connective body tissue :

–   To purify the blood;
–   Stimulate bile secretion;
– Protect the protoplasm of cells; and
– For anti-aging via the synthesis of Collagen

Collagen is one of the main proteins you need for the structural integrity of your skin.  You need Sulphur for the synthesis of collagen and because of its ability to protect against the toxic effects of pollution and radiation. It is part of the chemical structure of the amino acids glutathione, taurine, cysteine, and methionine.

Known as “nature’s beauty mineral,” Sulfur helps to fight skin disorders such as acne, dermatitis, dandruff and flaky, reddish skin. It is needed to stabilize keratin protein in your nails and hair. It is a key ingredient in shampoos, cleansing bars, acne and body scrubs. Our volcanic products, in the form of cleansers, masks and exfoliants helps to cleanse and purify your skin by killing bacteria and removing dead skin cells. Plus they work to the appearance to keep you looking as young as possible.


Volcanic Ash

Health Benefits of Volcanic Ash and Pumice

Volcanic Ash comes from one of the most active volcano in the world.
Special team collects the ash in bulk.
Not everyone can / are allowed to collect this ash from this island, because of land rights.
Volcanic Earth™ volcanic Ash comes straight from the mouth of the Volcano.

Volcanic Ash provides a wide range of beauty and health benefits due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and general purification, cleansing and ex foliating qualities. What Is It About, Volcanic Ash? Sulfur is the active Mineral ingredient in volcanic ash. Sulfur not only helps the body to resist bacteria but it actively works to destroy it. Sulfur exists in our hemoglobin and connective body tissue : – To purify the blood; – Stimulate bile secretion; – Protect the protoplasm of cells; and – For the synthesis of Collagen (one of the main proteins needed for the structural integrity of our skin).

Volcanic Earth special Charities

Volcanic Earth™ charity on islands in Oceania:
Volcanic Earth Responsibility:
Volcanic Earth has a responsibility to help improve the standard of living of these special people so that they at least earn enough cash for life’s essentials such as proper housing, education and medicine.

We take great pride in being able to offer everybody our exclusive range of exceptional organic skin care products, while also contributing to the company's goal of providing much needed livelihood opportunities and employment for disadvantaged locals.

The country contains unique ingredients which is collected by hand, by local people and transported to the appropriate locations. This gives the local people a source of income that everyone supports through a the purchase of a Volcanic Earth ™ product.

Your purchase of Volcanic Earth’s natural skin care products helps create livelihood opportunities for many locals connected to the operation of our Tamanu Oil, Coconut Oil and Skin Care factory. Together we can work towards relieving poverty and suffering in what is otherwise largely a "Custom Economy" (barter system).

Volcanic Earth™ Beauty Institute

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