Coconut Oil

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People living in the tropics have beautiful, wrinkle-free skin because coconut oil is not only part of their diet—but also their beauty regimen!

Coconut oil is a naturally moisturizing cleanser—and an effective sunscreen, blocking out 20 percent of harmful rays… thanks to the medium-chain fatty acids that protect and heal the skin at the same time.

In The Coconut Oil Secret: Nature's #1 Best Healing Oil, We'll share…

•  The perfect oil to moisturise and kill bacteria due to dermatitis!
•  The secret ingredient that makes coconut oil effective against acne—without the drying
    and flaking of over-the-counter acne cleansers!
•  The important relationship between coconut oil, vitamin E and vitamin D!
•  Taking care of a baby with diaper rash? Throw out the ointment and grab the coconut oil!
•  How to treat yourself to a spa-like Tropical Skin Exfoliant treatment!
•  A simple, effective deodorant recipe!
•  Are you mosquito bait? Try this insect repellant recipe and stay itch-free!
•  And so much more!

Why our Coconut Oil

Firstly, our Coconut Oil comes from the Pacific and is produced following the DME process.
The coconut oil is not only biological but also,

Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers.
Organic, non-hydrogenated, rich in antioxidants, free from impurities.

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