Facial Cleanser with Tamanu

Volcanic Earth
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Effective facial cleanser for acne, sensitive skin

Volcanic Ash

Most effective facial cleanser for acne, sensitive skin
or for anyone looking for an all natural coconut oil skin cleanser with pure Tamanu Oil™ for the face.
- Content: 135 ml

Rich, natural daily face cleanser of Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure organic Tamanu Oil ™, Lavender and Rose Geranium.

For all skin types!
Suitable for men and women in all ages
Use circular motions and gently spread over the surface of your face and neckline.
When ready, rinse off with warm water and pat dry.
Apply morning & evening
Follow with our Facial Toner and Facial Moisturiser.

We also offer larger quantities:
• 135ml | 1000ml | larger volume
Email us for 1 litre or larger quantities


Pharmaceutical Grade

Hoofd ingredient: 100% Tamanu Olie
100% Vulkanische As
Inhoud: 135ml Facial Cleanser (Volcanic Earth)
Huid Type: • normale • droge • vette • gecombineerde huid
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